Jen Masterson

Eye Color
Hair Color
Chestnut Brown
The Penalty Box
Mr. Masterson (biological father)

Mr. Garcia (step-father)

Mrs. Masterson (biological mother)

Courtney Masterson (older sister)

Jonesy Garcia (step-brother)

Diego Garcia (younger step brother)

Robbie Garcia (youngest step brother)

''Gym Sock'' (by Ron the Rent-a-cop)
First Appearance
''Take this Job and Squeeze It''
Voiced by**
Megan Fahlenbock

Jen Masterson is a fictional character in the television show, 6TEEN. Jen is the more sensible, hard working, nosey, member of the gang. She is usually seen trying to get her friends out of trouble, and convincing them to be a little more responsible.

Character History

Jen Masterson is a hard-working girl, who, for most of her life, grew up in the shadow of her older sister, Courtney.[1]
She once crashed the team van when she was too young to drive. Ever since that incident she's had a fear of crashing. Jen wanted to work for ''The Penalty Box'', but they didn't hire first timers. She was forced to work at ''The Big Squeeze'' for a year. After that, she soon got the job at the Penalty Box and has had to put up with her rather tense boss, Coach Halder.
Jen wears a lavender hoodie with a white skirt and white and purple sneakers.She also has a white and purple cell phone.

Jen is always trying to get her friends out of trouble and helping them be more responsible. She's got her work cut out for her, as they don't appear to listen. Her mother dated her best friend's (Jonesy's) father. Soon after, the two parents got married.[2] This was met with angst on Jen's part. She's not exactly fond of her new step-brothers.[3]

Personality Details

Jen is hard-working, admirable, and deserving. She loves sports, and guys who play sports. She's easily smitten and would do anything for a date. She's also sensible and logical. Jen is responsible. She's always trying to peep into her friends problems and try to make things better. She snaps quite easily and can't stand it when no one listens to her. She plans ahead for the future, to make sure everything goes right. Jen also appears to like to fantasize. [4]

Friends and Family


  • Mr. Masterson - Jen's father has yet to be named. Jen was close to her father, before he left. It is unknown whether or not her mother and father were divorced or if he died. Jen once said that he wasn't "here anymore". Implying he may be deceased, and Nikki said that her dad would want her to be happy.
  • Mrs. Masterson - Jen's mother is an older version of Jen, appearance wise. She's caring and kind.
  • Mr. Garcia - Jen's mother's current husband, making her Jen's step-father. He's also Jonesy's real father. Mrs. Masterson and Mr. Garcia were dating since (or before) the first episode of the show. The two eventually married, a fact that was met with disgust on both Jonesy and Jen's part. They nearly destroyed their engagment, but met an agreement, and then Mr. Garcia and Mrs. Masterson got married.
  • Courtney Masterson - Jen's older, more attractive sister. She previously babysat Jen's other friends. She went to university, but was kicked out when she failed. She rivals Jen in many ways and once tried to steal her friends. Jen, desperate, tried to act like her sister, but ended up flashing a whole crowd of people.
  • Jonesy - Jen's friend and step-brother (via Mr. Garcia).
  • Diego and Robbie Garcia - Jonesy's two younger brothers and Jen's step-brothers (via Mr. Garcia). Robbie is the youngest of the three and can be troublesome (on many occasions when he appears, he is seen lifting up skirts and dresses.) but he did pick up a cute woman that Jonesy was unable to score with. Diego is roughly a younger and shorter version of Jonesy. They are very agreeable on trying to dominate their stepsisters Jen and Courtney.


  • Caitlin Cooke - Jen's best friend and the reason Caitlin is even in the gang. The two have bonded since her introduction and they share their secrets. Caitlin usually goes to her for her problems.
  • Jonesy Garcia - Jen's friend and her step-brother. Jonesy is reckless and care-free, traits Jen isn't too fond of.
  • Jude Lizowski - another one of Jen's friends. Jude is empty minded and once went on a "fake date" with Jen. She is always trying make him more mature.
  • Nikki Wong - another one of Jen's friends. She slightly more of a rebel or a punk and has the same hatred for Jonesy's behaviours, although she's slightly more tolerant about it.
  • Wyatt Williams - another one of Jen's friends. Wyatt is smart and logical, just like Jen.

Enemies and Rivals

  • Caitlin - Jen once rivaled Caitlin for the affections of Darth when they were desperate for a Valentine's date.
  • Courtney Masterson - Jen's older, more attractive sister previously babysat Jen's other friends. She went to university, but was kicked out when she failed. She rivals Jen in many ways and once tried to steal her friends. Jen, desperate, tried to act like her sister, but ended up flashing a whole crowd of people.
  • Jonesy - When Jonesy got a job at the Penalty Box, Jen and Jonesy rivaled to be the top seller. Eventually, Jonesy was fired, again.
  • Mandy & Gwen - Tricia's two best friends. When Caitlin got into a fight with Tricia, Jen took on Mandy and Gwen, and she beat both of them.
  • Shannon - Jen's doppelgänger. They rivaled when the gang's table was taken by the Doppelgängers.

Love Life

  • Charlie Dobbs
One of Jen's co-workers whom she used to date. His boss Coach Halder goes easy on him and favors him. For several days, Jen wondered why Charlie wouldn't date her until she found out Charlie was dating someone else. Once Charlie had broken up with her, he had decided that he would only go for blondes. Much to Jen's disadvantage, the Coach blames Jen for what Charlie has done wrong.
  • Corey Halder
Jen dated him, only to discover he was a jerk. Realising she couldn't break up with him if he was the boss's son, she tried to get him to break up with her. A plan which succeeded.
  • Darth
Jen and Caitlin competed for Darth's affection when they were desperate for a Valentine's date.
  • Jude - He once went on a fake date with Jen.
  • Owen - In the episode titled, "Wanting to Ex-sale", Jen and Caitlin go to the mall early to line up for the big sale. Being at the end of the line isn't so bad as they met two cute guys, Tad and Owen. As they wait for the line to move, Jen starts hanging out with Owen. After Caitlin breaks up with Tad, it's presumed Jen broke up with Owen too.


  • In "Snow Job" despite the record breaking snow storm,Jen and the rest of the gang are shown to only have hats as extra clothing
  • Jen has "flashed" her boobs to all 5 other members of the gang, but Jonesy is the only one who saw "everything."



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